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The Japanese Fabric Strap – Victory Dragonfly

トンボ (Tonbo) , the Japanese name of dragonfly, represents Japan, and symbolizes courage, strength and happiness.

Dragonfly, has always been considered a "special insect" in Japan. In ancient times, Japan was named "Akitsu shima", meaning "Dragonfly's Island". According to Japan’s earliest official history book, Emperor Jimmu Tenno, once stood upon a mountain and remarked that the land resembled a circle of tombo, or two dragonflies mating. This shows the significance of the dragonfly in Japan culture.

In Japan, dragonfly also known as “katsumushi”, literally translates to victory insect. As they only fly forward and do not fly backwards, just like a good warrior. To the samurai, the dragonfly became a symbol of bravery, and never giving up until victory is achieved. Samurai, or the people of power, wore kimonos with dragonfly designs to show authority and strength.

Solvil et Titus’s Japanese Dragonfly strap collection, presents four Japanese-made fabric pattern in chili red, grape purple, grassy green and dragonfly indigo, matching different styles of watches, adding a personal touch to your wardrobe and with best of the luck.

The Japanese Fabric Strap – Seasonal Floral

Season is a signature of Japanese culture. Japan has four distinct seasons, while Japanese enjoy the transient beauty of flowers in different season: plum (Ume in Japanese) and cherry blossoms (Sakura in Japanese) in early spring; Cole flower and tulips afterward; Iris ensata and Hydrangea in summer; Cosmos, Lycoris radiate, maple and ginkgo trees in autumn; Peony and Japanese narcissus in winter.

Flowers are like mirrors of the season, reflecting how time passes. Therefore, the flower-themed design plays an important role in Japan.

Japanese "hanagara" means a floral pattern. Solvil et Titus presents a collection of Japanese seasonal floral print strap, using Japanese handmade fabrics, with all kinds of colorful floral prints to showcase the simply beauty of nature.