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The Letter


The Letter Collection

The thinnest paper can bear a weight of great emotion. A love letter holds words that we cannot say out loud. Words are spoken. Lost in time. Taken by the wind. Or simply fade with age. But the words we write live on. Given shape in an instant. But committed forever to paper. To be read. And reread. Missed. Then reminisced. The Love Letter Collection collects and captures time into a love letter, rereading this love letter, reminiscing the fondest memories, preserving them to be revisited at any moment we choose.

The Letter Collection reflects the embers of love that glow between the lines. Expressed through the classic Art Deco geometries of the brand as seen in the 1930s, it captures tender emotions and suspends them in time. A classic creation with contemporary interpretation. The refined dial frames itself with a basic tonal aluminium bezel under the elegant arch of sapphire crystal glass. Perfectly poised on a square case, as if pouring pure emotions into an envelope in 1930, waiting, yearning for the time to reveal their intent. Borne upon retro mesh bracelets, or a choice of vivid leather straps, the collection celebrates a modern, fashionable elegance.

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